Thursday, February 12, 2015

Sermons to Check Out

For those of you who are into listening to sermons online, here are a couple of great resources!

(1) Capitol Hill Baptist Church led by Dr. Mark Dever
Mark Dever is an absolute master of sermon preparation and delivery, an exegetical animal prone to amazing feats of preaching. Known for preaching through entire books of the Bible in a single sermon, he has also outdone himself by preaching individual sermons on the whole Old Testament, on the whole New Testament, and on the whole Bible (twice!). There are also a number of other gifted and faithful preachers whose sermons are available to listen to here.

(2) The Meeting House led by Pastor Bruxy Cavey
This Toronto-based church describes themselves as "a church for people who aren't into church". The sermons, notes, and small-group questions are well thought out, and the style is fun and often humorous. I often use sermon clips from this church for youth group videos!

(3) Covenant Life Church led by Pastor Joshua Harris
This church has a pretty deep library of sermons, classes, and conference messages on a whole variety of topics and Biblical books. Definitely take a look.

(4) Door of Hope Church led by Josh White and Tim Mackie
The newest entry on our list opened its doors just 6 years ago in 2009. In that time, it has had incredible growth and has even begun to spin off and start other ministries such as The Bible Project on YouTube (also a good source of youth group videos). Their sermon library is incredibly deep and the topics covered are substantial. This also easily the most media-savvy church on the list, so you'll find their website is pretty intuitive and easy to get around on. Enjoy!

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